Paramount Residence Doha, The Pearl
paramount residence

To gift glamour, you must first possess glamour. But who can grasp such a pure essence? Only by standing on the highest peak can you come close to the stars... the constellations of creativity, simplicity, collaboration, mystery and escape.

The Paramount Pictures symbol - a mountaintop encircled by stars - represents the aspiration to adventure, and entertainment through escapism that generations of Paramount Pictures film audiences have enjoyed. With consummate creativity and devoted attention to detail, the brand has never wavered from its exceptional vision: to illuminate daily life with the indescribably magical lustre of Hollywood glamour.

Location, crew and script are energised, focused, and excited to start. It's the director's turn to shine, weaving all the elements together with consummate skill into a timeless experience of California lifestyle and escape: unmissable, unforgettable, unmistakable.

From that Paramount Hotels & Resorts has been originated to translate the same bold imagination and inspiring talent into a refreshing guest experience. The properties produced by Paramount Hotels & Resorts will be developed using a creative process that's been honed over more than a 100 years. Each will be conceived as a major release and will be crafted by a team of uniquely creative people, working together with a uniquely creative process. Warm service, design and energizing concepts will combine magically to mark a new chapter and to set a rare standard in luxury hospitality.