Paramount Residence Doha, The Pearl
paramount residence

Doha's most elegant and sought-after location, The Pearl-Qatar offers its audience a taste of Californian lifestyle away from the hurly-burly and madding crowd of the city.

Admired as Doha's 'Riviera Arabia', The Pearl-Qatar embodies the human effort to escape the mundane by fulfilling at each moment an aspiration to ultimate luxury and lifestyle experience. Cradled by gentle seas in a prime location off the coast of Doha's West Bay, this peerless location boasts diverse residences to accommodate every taste and style. From a stroll in the gardens to an afternoon of haute cuisine, from a friendly cafe conversation with neighbours to a stern session at the gym, from the most vivid contemporary entertainment to the purity of silence in contemplation of the waves...

But The Pearl-Qatar goes further. It's a consciously designed expression of a new kind of cosmopolitan lifestyle; it's a community in the making. It's family-friendly, as well as fashion-forward.

There could be no better place in which to create the ultimate escapist residence by the definers of Golden Age Hollywood: Paramount Pictures.